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Three Lessons I’ve Learnt in Thirty Three Years

2021 will make me 34 years old. For now I’m still thirty-three : ). I have learnt a lot over the past years, most especially in the last 5 years. I was never open to advice in my younger years and thought I knew it all until I found myself in Europe without a legal resident permit with only myself to blame and only me to get me out of this situation.

I became humble and sought advice. Since then I have been a continuous learner and I must say life has gotten a lot more pleasant. Here are some lessons (the major ones) that have brought me to this place. These lessons were all learned the hard way and I know many more hard knocks are coming.

1. Choose your own kind of spirituality

I used to get up at 03:00 am to pray for an hour just to make sure my desires were realized. I will go to church 3 times a week. I was very religious and believed there was a God out there who chose whether or not to grant my requests. What I have come to realize is that there is God in each one of us, a part of an infinite being which helps us through us. And now instead of waiting for my prayers to be answered I know that I have been given natural (hands, legs, a mind, etc.) ability and supernatural ability to make things work for me. My religion is now to be happy and successful, not the selfless and self-sacrificing way. But this is just my own take on spirituality. I invite you to explore what you call God through prayer, stillness and meditation. We may not all have the same concept but having an understanding of what works for you is dynamite.

2. You are your own responsibility

This one hit me hard when I realized nobody was coming to save me and I had just me to count on. You may think this is burdensome but it is actually very freeing. When you grasp the meaning of this, you are free to plan and execute in your life. Your health (mental and physical), your financial situation, your relationships, etc. all depend on the choices you make every day. You are in full control. This gives you the power to plan and have a good outcome and awakens you to the fact that bad choices will lead you to unwanted outcomes. I am actively applying this lesson right now on a mental health issue I’m facing. Perfectionism and being judgmental of others. What I do is whenever I feel triggered I stop and show up for myself first. I cannot claim to want to solve what is happening out there because I definitely can’t control other but I can control me and that is good enough.

3. You can manifest your desires

I first heard about THE SECRET more than 10 years ago and made a feeble attempt to apply it but failed. That is because I had not learned to stick to one thing even when it gets boring. But it was later brought into my reality through the book PSYCHOCYBERNETICS. I now abstain from hustling but I get into alignment with my desires and let my energy help me attract and manifest. It is amazing because all of a sudden everything becomes possible if you can believe it. I used to be overwhelmed with my far reaching goals because I knew deep down that by my own hustle I’ll never be able to make it. But now I let the Universe help out. Don’t be afraid to try it too.

Bonus: When it gets boring, keep going

This is the latest one I’m still learning. Looking back I have abandoned so many things because I lost my initial motivation. But trust that you started for a good reason and you had a compelling vision. So stick to it when you run out of ideas, when you lose your why and keep going. Trust the process. (PS: Can you guess I need this advice too right now?)

So tell me dear LOVING WHAT YOU LIVE reader, what have you learned in all your years God has blessed yoiu with on this wonderful earth?

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