The Gift of my Imperfections - LOVING WHAT YOU LIVE
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Gummy smile

The Gift of my Imperfections

Are there some things about yourself that you don’t like and won’t accept? Yes? Me too! We all come in a package, mixed with the good and the bad. The secret to being contented in life is to embrace all parts of yourself, and I’m still learning that.

You see, I always hated my gummy smile. I have pink gums that are quite visible and protruding when I smile. Up until recently I used to hide this part of me away, refusing to accept it or even think about it. Somehow I thought if I don’t think about it it will go away but I was so wrong.

The problem with us not accepting ourselves manifests when we project our disapproval of imperfection on others. For me, I found myself focalizing on the not so perfect physical attributes of others in a judgmental way that I guess was visible to them. Me not accepting my imperfections led to me not accepting others as they are.

True, I’m a perfectionist (I like to think that I’m recovering) but aren’t our faults just perfect? They make us unique and I have come to realize that when you look closely at imperfections a rare kind of beauty shines through.

The picture on this post is one I had kept hidden for the longest time because my smile was too gummy, I told myself. But guess what, it is still beautiful and so are you. So embrace your uniqueness and join me to gently inch your way to loving yourself just as you are.

Ps: I love you!

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