The Complete Guide to Manifestation: MANIFESTATION 101 - LOVING WHAT YOU LIVE
Everything you need to know to be able to manifest your wildest dreams plus a tool that can help you.
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The Complete Guide to Manifestation: MANIFESTATION 101

Most people believe they have limited control over their lives and what happens to them comes as a result of a coincidence or some unseen power making decisions.

While some of this is true, the fact is that our lives are manifestations of the combinations of all the thoughts, decisions and actions we take on a daily basis.

Once you realize this, you can be able to take control of your life and manifest everything you ever dreamed of.

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What is Manifestation?

The word manifest means to make appear or display something.

In our context, manifestation is defined as the power to bring to reality whatever we dream of through thought and belief.

This may sound surreal but through the Law of attraction, manifestation is one of the most powerful tools that will get you exactly where you want to be.

The Law of attraction is a natural law that is at play whether we are conscious of it or not. It is the ability to attract to us the things we think about.  Through this law, our minds are able to focus on thoughts and materialize them in our realities.

For example, if you are constantly carrying negative thoughts in your mind, it will shape how you view the world and you will only manifest negativity.

Basically, manifestation is the Law of attraction at work. Because we attract what we think we are prone to manifesting these beliefs.  This is why personal development lays a huge emphasis on the need to have a positive mindset.  If you focus on positive thoughts you will attract and manifest positivity in your life.

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Understanding the key points of Manifestation

For many people the concept of manifestation sounds abstract or hard to believe.

Does this mean that all it takes in life is just to think about what you want and it will happen?

Absolutely not!

There are 3 key points to understand when manifesting the life of your dreams;

1)   The world is a reflection of you

What I mean here is, the way the world presents itself to you is not the same to everyone. We all live different realities and this is due to the way we resonate with everything around us. Why do some people attract happiness while others pain? Some attract wealth and abundance while others addictions and suffering?

It is simply because the world is determined by our various belief systems, actions and energies.

“The world is like a mountain; your echo depends on you” – Rumi

We exist in a world where everything and everyone is charged with energy. As life coach Elysse Santilli simply puts it, “We are vibrational beings in a vibrational world”. Therefore when we navigate the world, we vibrate at different frequencies at different times and we will attract anything that vibrates at the same frequency that we do. Just like radio waves, you can tune yourself to the station of your dreams.

2)   Your mindset is your lens to view the world

Your mindset is what allows you to filter the world and know what is or isn’t for you. The human mind is a tool that functions as a goal-setting and achievement-oriented piece of machinery.

Therefore, once you set a vision for your life, your mind actively seeks out ways to materialize it (if that vision is compelling enough). Being intentional about the mindset you adopt in order to attain your goals will determine what manifests in your life.

If the vision you have for your life is abundance and happiness, your mind will find ways of creating these things and you will manifest that in your life.

3)   Manifestation entails action

Manifestation is certainly not a scenario where your dreams come true out of thin air. It takes concrete actions to have what you want.

See this as a cycle which starts with what you think and believe in your mind and ends by you taking the right actions to get what you want.

We all act based on our principles and values. To be, do and have what we want, we have to think and then take the necessary actions to achieve the ideal we want for ourselves.

How to start manifesting everything you want

Manifesting is a rather simple process which can have amazing results in a very short period of time. All you need to do is follow these 7 steps and start building the life of your dreams today.

1.   Be clear about what you want

You alone are capable of dreaming about what you want your life to be like.  Therefore, the first step of manifesting your dream is by knowing exactly what it is you want.

Saying things like “I want to be happy” won’t cut it. You need to establish a specific goal as much as possible.

Do not be scared to paint a vivid picture of what your dream life represents for you to the slightest detail. This helps you gain more clarity.

If your goal is to meet your better half, make a list of the most important qualities you need in a partner. This works equally for all aspects of your life.

2.   Send out your intentions to the Universe

Once you know what you want, it’s time to ask for it.

Always remember the Universe has you back and is always in accordance with what you believe in and ask for. So ask away!

Send out what you want by writing it down, through prayer, meditation, visualization … etc. For this step, there is no right or wrong way to do it.

It doesn’t matter what your religion or spiritual belief is, communicate to a higher being the way you feel most comfortable.

3.   Start working towards your goals

It is time to get down to work. Asking the universe for what you want is only half of the work now you need to work hand in gloves with her to manifest your dream life.

Break down your goals into smaller steps that will bring closer to your dream. This will enable you to identify and never miss the best opportunities the universe will bring to you.

4.   Practice Gratitude

Rome was not built in one day so do not expect all your goals to be achieved overnight. Building your dream life will not be easy and things will not always happen how you planned.

Therefore, remember to be grateful for the big wins as well as the small wins. Every step that brings you closer to your goal counts.

Learn to celebrate and give yourself a tap on the back when necessary.

An effective way of practicing gratitude is by using a gratitude journal where at the end of every day you write a list of things you are grateful for.

This is also a great way to keep yourself motivated and shift to an abundance mindset.

5.   Get rid of limiting beliefs

Honestly, the greatest difficulty on this journey will be yourself.

A great part of why we cannot manifest our best lives is because of that small inner voice in our heads scaring us away. These are our limiting beliefs.

To move forward in life you need to learn how to shed all beliefs that may deter you from your path to success. The most common are fear and doubt.

“Am I enough?”, “I can’t possibly do this”, “Nobody will listen to me”, “Nobody loves me”, “Am I worth it?”  Sounds familiar?

Replace each of these beliefs with positive affirmations that will boost you on a daily basis. Each time you doubt yourself recite your favorite affirmations until you integrate them as your new beliefs.

6.   Keep your vibrations high

Oprah is a strong Believer of the Law of Attraction and for her, energy is everything.

“The energy we put out in the world is the energy we get back.” – Oprah Winfrey

There definitely is no doubt to that it therefore is important to always remain intentional about your thoughts and feelings as they determine that energy you attract to yourself.

Raising your vibrations will help you stay positive and attract more positivity. Just do so by focusing on things that bring you joy and happiness.

Here are 10 ways to raise your vibration.

7.   Trust the process

As you embark on this journey you will face tons of obstacles. You will question yourself. You might get discouraged or frustrated but in everything trust the process.

You will need to trust your vision, actions and what you believe in. Have faith in yourself and in the universe to never let you down.

Drop failure as a mindset as it will only push you to manifest more failure to your life

Develop resilience and be flexible with your choices and actions as creating your dream life is a fluid process that will need a great deal of adaptability.

Manifest your dreams today –  Manifestation Miracle

I will recommend practicing manifestation to anyone who feels stuck in their life and are in need of a drastic change. Since I took up the practice my life has been so much better and it can be the same for you.

One of my favorite Manifestation guides is the Manifestation Miracle Program by life coach and Law of attraction expert Heather Mathews.

This program is a complete step by step guide on how to use manifestation to get the life you desire. It’s suitable for both beginners and anyone who is struggling with the Law of attraction.

After many years of trying to practice the Law of Attraction without much success, Heather designed an unconventional yet powerful manifestation program that aims at helping people develop a growth-oriented mindset.

How it works

Heather program associates manifestation with a powerful psychological technique called ‘Destiny Tuning’. This principle is meant to help you find how to live a more purpose-driven existence. Through this you can learn how to vibrate on a higher level with the path the universe has designed for you.

With Manifest Miracle you can learn how to break free from a negative mindset, embrace financial abundance and thrive in all aspect of your life.

What I love about this program is how complete it is and is based on the real experience of the author. Which means that it actually works.  You have different resources that can help you manifest your goals in all aspects of your life. Over 15000 people attest tof the effectiveness of this program and I just can’t wait to try it too.

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