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I'm Manifesting

Shhh!… I’m Manifesting an Awesome Life!

Hello dear readers of Loving What You Live. I hope you are staying safe and above all staying happy. It’s been a minute and I’ll like to touch base with you.

The blog is going to have a slight change in orientation. I used to do research about self-development tools and hacks that have helped me and which might also help you and that was mainly what I blogged about here. Now I’m thinking of adding more personal articles from time to time, just talking about my experiences with tools and hacks; what I used, how I used them and the results I got.

When I got this idea to change the way I blog, I had a strange and happy sensation filling my body which immediately told me it was a good sign but I still needed further confirmation. So I asked the Universe to show me a sign (what I usually go for is a butterfly, this time I asked to see a green butterfly) if it was the right move for me to LET GO of my old way of doing things and embrace this new more personal approach. That same day when I was searching YouTube for alpha meditation sounds to use during my meditation session, I saw a big butterfly thumbnail. It wasn’t exactly green but had yellow and black colors. The caption beside it had the words LET GO! So I took it as my confirmation from the Universe; YAY!

Want to know more about me and why I blog? Click here.

I am presently reading Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader which I got on Audible and it is a game changer. I think I need to give you a brief intro first on why I’m reading these spiritual books and books on manifestation.

I believe in manifesting and not hustling. I really do not have a choice : ). The kind of vision I have for my life on earth is so mind-blowingly big that if I had to hustle I’ll not do 1/10th of it. I am allowing the grace of the Universe to help lift me up to reach my desires.

My present situation is not bad actually (I’m grateful for all I have). I have a job in a reputable bank in my country, Cameroon, I share an apartment with a friend and I have a lot of good relationships around me. In fact I’m happy. But I have set the intentions on leveling up in many ways. Ways that will help me have greater freedom to truly have 100% self-expression.

Right now, I’m not comfortable disclosing what my next goals are. The reason why I’m not comfortable disclosing my plans is this; I’m still sensitive to the idea of being judged. Its a big thing for me to imagine what others are thinking about what I’m doing and its scary. I’m like: “what if they think I’m irrational or being over-ambitious?” They might say I’m too greedy to want too much for myself. I believe that I deserve to get the best out of life but I’m going to work on accepting/letting go of my preoccupations with what others think. I still need to do some inner work I guess.

But the cure for this will be to actually manifest these desires. I believe when I have a track record of manifesting big things, I can put myself out there without fear because I KNOW that it is going to happen.

The book I’m reading ( mentioned above) has a great tip on manifesting; Falling asleep while visualizing yourself in the place and doing the thing you desire and above all feeling the emotions you’ll feel if you were already living it out. But it’s so challenging for me to do that. Its easy for me to visualize my boyfriend close to me, us being intimate (I’m in a long distance relationship) or a scenario at work but when I place my thoughts on that amazing future me I start stressing out. Sometimes I just give up. It has come to the point that I’ve resorted to prayer to make myself feel in-the-moment of my future.

But I know its a matter of time before I see this in my reality : ).

So here’s the new flow of the blog. I talk about me and the things I do and my challenges and my successes. Let me know in the comments if this sits ok with you (even though I’m not going to change it lol, but just let me know).

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. It is very relaxing and freeing for me to write my truth and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Let’s keep heading for the top!


  • Adanna
    Posted at 12:50h, 15 March Reply

    Hi. This is a great idea as I think people, myself including, enjoys reading about other people’s experiences and to get the know the person behind the blog.

    Good luck on this new venture.

    • zafar test
      Posted at 20:19h, 15 March Reply

      Thanks for your feedback! It encourages me!

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