How to use your free time for Personal Growth - LOVING WHAT YOU LIVE
Learn ways to optimize your free time for your self improvement and growth
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Use free time for Personal Growth

How to use your free time for Personal Growth

Use free time for Personal Growth

Focusing on personal growth is vital if you want to live a happier life but while a lot of us know and practice this, others have a hard time going about it. It is okay if you feel that because even for me it took some practice but once we pass that first block literally everything changes.

If you ask most people when last they had some free time most won’t be able to give you an answer. We live in a world with a workaholic culture where hard work is seen as smart and successful. Result, we have to juggle a million jobs to survive, friends, family etc losing ourselves in the process.

Do not get me wrong I do think it is very important in order to succeed you need to be hard working. But here is the thing, most people end up living busy miserable lives focused on gaining wealth or barely surviving but leaving out a very important thing “personal growth”

Personal growth entails working on yourself to be happier and more confident. Personal growth allows you to actually take full control of your life and manifest the things you truly want. This is why it is so vital.

Well, you may be reading this and thinking “yeah she’s right but I do not have time for this, my schedule is too full to take up self-development”. But the thing about life is no one can take care of you better than yourself.

You are solely responsible for your happiness. Getting better opportunities, building more valuable relationships, and achieving success starts by knowing yourself and treating yourself right.

So quit complaining today and learn how to use your free time to enrich your life. In this post insist about me giving you a list of activities to do as I can plan your free time for you. It is a guide on how to make the best possible choice for your personal development.

What you will learn:

-How to make an inventory of your free time

-How to select self-development activities that suit you

-How to create establish a routine

-How to commit to your goals

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Draw an inventory of your free time

It’s a common practice to keep track of the various tasks we have to carry on a daily basis. I bet you have a calendar with all your meetings keyed in or you have your to-do list pasted on your fridge. No? How about several alarms and reminders set on your phone? Yes? Ah-ah!

People hardly ever know when they have free time. To use your free time in a more productive way, you need to know when exactly you are free. Here is a little exercise I want you to try at the beginning of the week.

-On a blank piece of paper draw seven columns each carrying a day of the week. On the left margin starting from when you wake up  mark 30mins increment time slots (e.g. 6:00 am, 6:30 am …)

-Next, fill up all the time slots when you have a commitment. The empty spaces represent your free time and you can spend them as you wish.

-Every day before going to bed, pick up this paper and reflect on how you spent your free time slots. Be honest with yourself and do not try to modify your habits.

-At the end of the week, write down everything you did during your spare time and most importantly mark down the total number of hours spent by each activity.

This exercise is used by Gary Gilles, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor on adults returning to college who find difficulties in completing their studies. The particularity of these adults is that they all complain of being too busy with their jobs, families, and various commitments. And the results show that most often people mismanage their time.

This free time inventory will help you visualize how well you manage your time. You will be able to figure out how to spend less time on futilities and replace them with activities that will boost your personal growth.

Picking the right self-development tools

Everyone is unique and what works for one person may not work for another. When choosing how to dedicate your free time to personal growth you need to select a range of activities that fit your personality.

Make a list of your centers of interest and based on that you can easily pick what activities will be best for you. Do you enjoy writing, exchanging with new people, reading, sports, music, etc. From your list pick out the top five activities that you can easily indulge in and try engaging in them.

Practicing self-care help you focus on your mental, emotional, and physical needs. As such you learn how to faces your doubts and fears and control your actions. Self-care is the focus of personal growth and they exist thousands of different tools and practices that could help your better your life one way or the other.

Here are a few self-care tools that will transform your life :

Create a self-care routine

All experts in personal development are unanimous on one thing; the importance of creating self-care routines. Establishing routine moments throughout the day enables you to analyze and understand what is happening within and around you.

The same way you have a routine at your job to be a high performer, you need to establish a personal routine in your free time to reconnect with yourself and stay in touch with what makes you happy.

Personal growth does not only take hard work but equally determination and commitment to make your life better. Therefore picking a routine and sticking to is a strong commitment to yourself.

Morning routines are a great way to boost your productivity. They set you off in a good mood for the rest of the day. Try practicing daily morning affirmations to start your day with a positive mindset. Take control of the day as soon as you wake up.

Setting up wellness routines such as yoga, meditation, or fitness exercises alongside healthy feeding will give you the energy boost you need to tackle the rest of the day. They are great stress releasers and allow you to process your thoughts when you experience a blockage or have negative energy pent up.

Night routines allow you to reconnect with yourself after a busy day and lets you find calm in your mind to be prepared for the next day. Most people take up journaling at night as a means to recollect and analyze their emotions from situations they experienced in the day as a means to let go. For others visualization at night before going to bed is the best way to prepare for tomorrow.

Regardless of what time you pick, what matters most establishing a routine at a time where you will less likely be interrupted. Make sure to pick a place you are comfortable with, relax and do your thing.

Commit to your goals

No matter how well you may plan your free time if you do not remain committed to your personal development goals nothing in your life will change.

Start by asking yourself why you are embarking on a personal growth story and always keep the answer at the back of your mind. It will serve as constant motivation.

Determine with clarity what you want your life to transform into as you start your personal growth. Remember this journey is a life-long one so take your time. In the process, you will discover new things about yourself and your objectives may change.

Once you are able to visualize the ideal life you want, get down to work and point all the changes you need to make to get there. Break down your main objectives into small and simples actions you have to take to get there. Do you want to read more? Then set the number of books you have to read per day/week/year. Do you want to become more positive and attract abundance? Create a gratitude list etc.

You will not only manage your limited time better but you will achieve your call faster when it is broken down into small steps. Less pressure!

Be prepared for the change you want. Personal growth only occurs when you have a change of mindset. Adopting positivity, discipline, and consistency as values will change the way you process failure and improve your personal growth exponentially.

Personal growth is not about how long you sit and read motivational stories but rather how well you put the things you learn into practice.

Did this post get you fired up? Then you should start optimizing yur free time today!

6 months of hard work and focus can put you 5 years ahead in life. Never underestimate the power of consistency and desire.

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