How to Raise your Vibrations and Activate the Law of Attraction - LOVING WHAT YOU LIVE
A complete guide, detailing the best ways to raise your vibration to make the Law of Attraction work effectively for you
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Raise Your Vibration

How to Raise your Vibrations and Activate the Law of Attraction

Raise Your Vibration

Have you noticed that when you are in love or just received good news your mood immediately improves and your day starts looking better? This makes you feel different, you have a sort of glow and even people around you see you the difference. This is because they notice a shift in your energy’s vibrations.

Our emotions and thoughts determine the vibrations of energy we give off. That is why you often hear people say things like “oh I don’t know his vibe feels off”, or “she has a cool vibe”

We are constantly sending out vibrations into the universe that can be picked up by others around us. If you are full of positive thoughts you will give off a positive vibe into the Universe that is always listening.

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The Basics of the Law of attraction

According to the Law of Attraction the universe responds according to what you choose to focus your mind, attention and energy on. In other words, the universe picks up on your frequency and sends to you the equivalent of the energy you give off.

Simply put, you attract what you project. 

When you are in a positive state of mind you give off positive energy and at this point you can get into vibrational alignment with what it is you desire. And the best way to get into vibrational alignment with what you want to attract is to focus on it while having feelings of joy and happiness, like you already have it. It is therefore important to know how to control your vibration in order to get the Law of attraction to work for you. If your dream is to have a life full of success, love, happiness, peace, joy, wealth and good health, you will have to raise your vibrations accordingly.

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Why the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you yet

You may be reading this thinking “I have tried everything but the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me.”

Truth is a lot of us get it wrong or make mistakes when using the Law of attraction to manifest the life of our dreams. But that’s okay. What is life without a few mistakes along the way?  What matters most is you found this post and you are about to get things right.

Here are the most common mistakes we make when it comes to the Law of Attraction;

1)    You do not know exactly what you want

For the Law of attraction to work you need to be very specific and by that I mean you need to be crystal clear about what you want.

For example, if you state “I want money” a dollar is money, so the universe will work to send you any amount of money big or small. But if you state “I want to make $10000 a month”, your mind will be able to manifest this by helping see opportunities thrown your way by the Universe to help you achieve your specific goal.

2)    You are missing the signs

Most people expect their lives to miraculously change overnight once they send out the desires to the universe. Using the Law of Attraction is a process that you grow into, getting more confident with your ability as you attract bigger and bigger into your life.

For a miracle to occur you need to practice self-awareness and be open-minded to the subtle hints that the Universe throws your way.

Remember the Universe works with subtleties. Most of the people who have found immense success through the Law of Attraction like Gabby Bernstein, testify about hearing their inner voice say something that changed their lives. That inner voice comes as a result of your belief in the fact that you can manifest the change you desire. And once you see believe it you start seeing it. Be curious and try new things and watch where they lead you.

3)    Your vibration frequency doesn’t match your desires

In reality the Law of attraction is always in action whether you are conscious of it or not. Sending low vibrations (anxiety, fear, anger, etc.) will only contribute to attracting negative things in your life.

The way you feel when you think of your goal or how you see yourself is reflective of what will manifest in your life. If you feel you do not deserve what you are asking for, the universe picks up that vibe and no matter how much you visualize your dream you will keep getting negative energy in return.

The Universe brings you solely what you are subconsciously aligned to, that will enable further growth. Negative feelings can block your vibrational alignment to your goal.

4)    Doubting the process

We are human and its normal to feel some doubt when waiting for the intention you have put out there to become a reality. You just need to have faith deep down that the Universe loves you and wants to give you the best of your every desire. This will give you an unshakeable confidence to be able to let go of the HOW of the process and let the Universe do its thing.

When you have doubts don’t dwell on them, instead go back to all the reasons why this will work. Feed your faith!

You need to believe the Universe has your back and is working in your favor.

Ask, believe, and receive this is a simple breakdown of the Law of Attraction, and raising your vibration is a key element of this process. The faster you can raise energy to match your desires the faster you manifest them. Every time you engage in low vibration thoughts and activities you only succeed to attract the wrong things to your life. It is certain that one cannot be on a high vibration frequency round the clock because well sometimes life get in the way. But in general it is possible to learn how to develop and maintain underlying positive vibrations to attract what we want in life.

Discover some easy ways through which you can raise your vibration to get the Law of attraction to work for you.

10 Ways to Raise your Vibrations

–         Meditate

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind down and focus on your thoughts and feelings. By meditating your increase your levels of self-awareness and raise you vibration frequencies.

–         Practice gratitude

Feeling grateful is a very powerful way of attracting positive things into your life. We often operate on low vibration frequencies due to a constant sense of lack.

Shifting your mind to the positive things you are grateful for in life will help you grow a positive mindset and raise your vibrations to attract more positivity.

Starting a gratitude journal is an amazing way to keep your vibrations high. Try setting up a daily evening routine .

–         Smile

This is easily the simplest yet the most effective thing you can do to shift your energy waves and increase your vibration. 

Waking up in the morning with a smile will set you in a good and positive mood and the rest of the day will follow in this light.

It’s not all talk, it has been scientifically proven that smiling releases hormones in your brain that are associated with feeling happy and joyful.

Guess what smiling during your meditation can raise your vibrations even higher!!

–         Social Media detox

If you ask me what one of the most common sources of negative energy and pressure is, I will undoubtedly answer Social Media. Most of us wake up in the morning and the first thing we pick is our phones to scroll through social media.  Most often you will see something that will make you feel bad about yourself. Especially when you feel stuck in your life. People you know traveling round the world, posting pictures of parties or your friends announcement of her engagement on Facebook, or just internet trolls posting nasty comments under a picture you felt so confident about.

All of this can be rather depressing and can trigger a sense of lack, self-doubt, and low self-esteem etc.; negative emotions that will lower your vibrations.

A quick fix for this is a particular problem is to take a social media detox. You could both stay away from social media for a while and focus on yourself and on activities that will raise your vibration or take a short break to recharge your energy.

Another option is to become more intentional about the people you follow and who has access to you on social media. Block or unfollow people whose content do not resonate with your energy and stick to those who motivate, inspire, or make you feel good about yourself. The ideal thing will be to limit your use of social media if you are an over consumer and be very mindful of what you expose your mind to.

–         Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful phrases which can help you develop the right mindset and raise your vibrations. You can create a routine by writing down and reciting powerful and exciting phrases (put them in the present to make manifestation more powerful) or inspirational quotes  that reflect how you feel about yourself or how you want your future to be then do this every morning in front of your mirror before you start your day.


–         Change your environment

If you have a hard time struggling with low vibrations in a particular environment think about switching things up. I do not mean you should move (except if you have the means to of course) if say your current home doesn’t seem right or makes you distracted.

Try changing the decor and bring in things that will help set you in a great mood. Colors, objects, textures or paintings that make you feel good, happy and positive will up you vibrations each time you step into a room. At work, try to personalize your space with pictures of your loved ones, energy crystals, a plant etc. to keep your spirit up.

–         Listen to vibe raising music

Sound waves are powerful and affect our emotions. Listening to music is a great way of raising your vibrations. When people experience heartbreak they tend listen to music that will console them because the energy relates to what they feel at the moment. As such you can dedicate playlists to make you feel happy, motivated, or make you feel good in general to raise your vibrations.

Music at 432 Hz is considered to be the optimal vibration level to listen to. Try listening to music tuned to this frequency and watch how it makes you feel.

You could download meditation apps like Insightimer that has different genres of music dedicated to raise vibrations. You could also search  for high vibrational music on Apple Music or Youtube.

–         Scripting

This is a journaling method where you write in a journal as if all you wish to attract has already manifested in your life. This helps raise your vibrations as you daydream and keep yourself motivated and excited to actually manifest what you dream of.

–      Cleanse your thoughts

Take some time to check and understand your thoughts and ensure you do not let yourself get carried away by negative emotions that will lower your vibrations. Going through life can be tough and there are always those days where you could be in situations that push you away from you vibrational frequency e.g. an argument with a stranger in a shop, or a conflict at work with your boss or at home with your spouse. Always taking time to check what you are feeling and block away negative energy will help maintain your vibrations on the right frequency always.

Quick tip: practicing mindfulness meditation is a great way of checking your emotion and so at any point of the day. Check out my Mindfulness guide to learn how.

 –         Make out time for the things and people you love

Raising your vibrations is all about having a positive mindset and doing things you love can help a lot. Think of those activities that leave you a sense of joy, happiness, satisfaction, pride, any positive emotion that you can think of and indulge in them. Let your imagination flow and don’t be scared to get creative this can allow you to get access to a high vibrational state.

Take care of your loved ones or spread the love around you. This will resonate within the universe and attract much more love into your life. Surrounding yourself with people who are good for you, can help you and are genuinely interested in seeing you accomplish your goals will keep you motivated and raise your vibrations.

The Law of attraction is a powerful tool you can harness to live a life full of possibilities and all you need to do is ask, believe and receive.

Here’s one way to make the LAW OF ATTRACTION work for you without trying to figure it all out yourself.

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