How to get what you want out of life through visualization. - LOVING WHAT YOU LIVE
How visualization works and the benefits of it.
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How to get what you want out of life through visualization.

How to get what you want out of life through visualization.

How to get what you want out of life through visualization.

Visualization is a practice that helps bring your dreams to live by setting focus and expressing confidence in achieving one objective at a time. If you have never tried this before, most people will describe to you like having super power to everything you set your mind to. Visualization is what helps some of the most successful people in the world, especially athletes become super achievers.

This technique consists of painting a vivid picture of your goal already achieved in your mind then harnessing the power of your mind to get to the world in real life to manifest that picture.

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How does this work?

It sounds a bit surreal to say all you need to be successful is to picture your dream life in your head and you can have it. True! But there is more to visualization than that. Practicing visualization allows you to shape how you think which has a ripple effect on what you believe and you act. By creating a clear mental picture in your mind of what you want your life to look like you trigger your mind to find ways to achieve that.

It is not enough to just say you want to be a billionaire, you need to tell your mind what being a billionaire means to you by creating a vivid image of a billion dollar lifestyle. Your mind in turn will be triggered to reconcile that image to your reality and therefore you will be able to come with billion dollar ideas , or ideas that will make you grow richer and richer.

Visualization activates the creative parts of the subconscious mind, motivating it to work harder at creating solutions. Your centers of interests will automatically shift to things that will bring you closer to your goals. You will discover new levels of motivation and find yourself doing things that normally you would avoid, but that will take you closer to success.

Benefits of visualization

Regular practice of visualization is a way through which you can speed up the realization of your goals and ambitions. Some of the advantages of this practices include:

  • High level of creativity: Painting a clear picture of what you want in life makes your mind develop new methods to achieve the success you desire.
  • Boosts personal motivation: Note that no one will ever motivate you more than you do. In order to succeed you need to be able to believe in your abilities even when everyone else doesn’t believe in you. By adopting a visualization routine you remind yourself daily of what it is you want and what you need to do to get it.
  • It activates the law of attraction: When you know what you want, and are able to perfectly represent your goal, you will be able to easily identify the right people to surround yourself with to achieve success. Visualization will help draw you closer to the right people, you will be able to be at the right places doing the right thing at the right.
  • Creates room for more opportunities: When you train your mind through visualization it will be able to identify the right opportunities and resources for you not to achieve all your goals.

Visualization techniques

Here are some of the most popular visualizations techniques used by the most successful people in the world:

1.    Mental Rehearsal:

This technique is one mostly used by athletes. It consists of 3 steps: visualizing, experiencing and internalizing your goal in your mind. This allows you to live your goals with all the necessary detail in your mind so as to know how to recreate it in your life. For example let’s say your dream is to be the CEO of your company:

#Step 1- Visualize: Sit down comfortably and then close your eyes. Imagine yourself looking at your dream office with your name on the door. Picture the smell of the flowers on your desk. Imagine all the awards hanging on your wall. Note the smell of leather of your chair. Imagine as many details as you can.

#Step 2- Experience: Now imagine yourself walking into that office. Take a minute and read your name boldly written on the door. Touch the petals of the flowers and feel the wood of your desk. Let your mind register the sensation of sitting down in that beautiful leather chair. Spin around and look at all your awards on the world. Feel your heart burst with pride.

The point with this step is to immerse yourself in the picture and actually live it. This will deepen the impact of the experience and your mind will be able to attach a clear meaning to certain sounds and emotions

#Step 3- Internalize: Now leave the room and imagine that picture turning into your favorite bar of chocolate and eat it. This permits you to make this picture a part of you that you carry at the back of your mind everywhere you go so you won’t lose track of your objective.

Repeating this exercise daily will have a tremendous impact on your levels of productivity.

2.    Create Goal Pictures:

This technique consists of taking real life photographs of you with your goal that will serve as a reminder each time you look at them.

3.    Create a Visual Picture and an Affirmation for Each Goal:

 Attaching visual pictures and attaching positive affirmations to them is also known as creating a Vision Board. A vision board is one of the most powerful visualization tools used by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey and Michelle Obama. By creating a visual representation of the future you want and placing it in an area of your home you can see often, you keep yourself motivated and never lose track of your progress.

Visualization is a great tool to achieve success when used right. Always remember you do not need to spend too much time thinking about your goals and you need to also learn how to live in the moment and be present. Pick the most suitable time for you during the day. It could be when you wake up or before you go to bed and dedicate a few minutes to your visualization exercise. Throughout your day your focus should be working to achieve those dreams.

My Personal Experience with Visualization

To achieve my goals I basically just give it everything I’ve got; meditation, visualization, goal setting and prayer. Even though I can’t exactly quantify the role that visualization plays in my manifestation game, I am unwilling to part with it.

I’m ready to throw everything I’ve got into making my goals a reality hence I visualize.

NB: Let’s not also forget to put in some smart work (I believe in getting things done, in the most time and cost effective way possible).

So there you have it. What is your own take on visualization? Has it helped you in a particular way? Care to share that with us?

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What you will get

Once your place your order, you will get instant access to lessons and mind hacks that will help you design the life you want based on your vision.

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