How to Clear Money Blocks for Greater Abundance - LOVING WHAT YOU LIVE
We all have money beliefs that are stopping us from achieving the abundance we desire. Find out how to change these beliefs for great results!
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for Greater Abundance

How to Clear Money Blocks for Greater Abundance

for Greater Abundance

Have you ever sat down and thought about your relationship with money? Figured out where your beliefs about money stem from? Or wondered if these were beneficial or not to you?

Most people don’t ask themselves these questions and spend their whole lives making just enough money to survive. Which is okay for someone who doesn’t wish for more, but if you are like me then you are on the quest for abundance. And I guess that’s why you are reading this blog!

In life you see some people who seem to be money magnets while you are struggling to make ends meet and you may ask yourself how they did and what exactly you could be doing wrong. Chances are whether you are aware of it or not we all have money blocksthat are preventing you from experiencing financial abundance in your life.

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What are money blocks?

Money Blocks are the limiting beliefs we have about money in other words all the negative thoughts we have about money. It is very likely that you are not conscious of these beliefs as is usually the case with all limiting beliefs. But they are there, under the surface, controlling your actions and thoughts, leading you to make certain decisions which at the end are detrimental to your financial success. Just as limiting beliefs in life, having negative thoughts about money will only attract an unsatisfying amount of it in your life.

Most of our money blocks are ingrained in us at a subconscious level during our childhood. This especially true as while growing up we witness the relationship our family, friends, and people around us interact with money and copy that. This is the main reason why the rich and the poor perceive money in different ways. While the rich come from a place of abundance, the poor come from a place of lack, and this structures their relationship with money. Which is why it seems like the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. If you wish to reach financial abundance, breaking free from your limiting beliefs about money is essential.

Some of the most common money blocks

1)    “Making money has to be hard”

We live in a world where the majority of its occupants have to work super hard to earn a living. This involves sacrificing their health, happiness, time, and pleasures in life. Making money must not be at the detriment of the good things in life.  It is possible to make money doing the things you love and this guide is going to teach you how to.

2)    “I will never make enough money”

Having this kind of negative self-talk running through our minds is the fastest way to project exactly the same thing into our physical experience. Going into the world with such a mindset will make you unable to identify and act upon lucrative opportunities. If you cant jump directly to 3I make lots of money every month” as your new self-talk start with asking a question to yourself like “What if I could make all the money I need and even more every month?” This way of thinking allows the mind to start expanding and searching for new possibilities.

3)    “Money is evil”

A lot of people are scared of the prospect of having a lot of money because of the belief that money is the root of all evil. I grew up in a home where most rich people (especially the government officials) were always referred to as “those thieves”. While for the most part my country is corrupt this doesn’t mean that all those who get money got it through crime, as I was led to believe. You need to clear this money block by replacing this thought with “I can be a good rich person and money can do a lot of good in the world”

 Others think it is selfish to live a life of abundance. Chances are those who think this way are looking for a justification as to why they are not living in abundance themselves.

4)    Unspecific goals

Having vague goals be it for your financial or personal growth is a huge money block. If you cannot figure out why you want financial abundance you won’t be able to know how to get there. These two have a cause to effect relationship. And take it a step further to decide on a plan that will be used to achieve this, then break it down to achievable goals and tasks. The clearer your goal is the clearer your plan to achieve it will be. Instead of saying I want to clear my debt, Write down how much your debt is and put down a clear plan of action on how to get money to clear this debt.

Learn how to set effective goals today

5)    Holding grudges

This is one of the biggest money blocks people experience. A lot of people harbor jealousy or get mad at others who are better off in life than they are. People spend time and energy being angry at the success of their family, friends, colleagues, partners, or even strangers they meet in random places or on the internet. If this is you, remember that the Law of Attraction is always at work, the energy you pour out into the river of life always finds its way to you. And there is another subtle disadvantage to holding grudges. Imagine that you resent those you k now who have a lot of money, don’t you think you will block yourself from making money because you are scared other people will resent you?

How to identify your money blocks

To get rid of your money blocks you will need to know where they reside. While for some people it will be quite obvious, for others it may warrant some digging. Take your time and write down all the negative beliefs you have about money. Think of how you feel when handling money, the things you learned about money from your parents growing up. Or note the negative statements you usually make about money. Write everything down skipping enough space between each negative belief. Once you have all this laid out, write down corresponding positive beliefs below each each negative thought you wrote down, and strike out the negative belief. Then read this list over and over. This will help reprogram your mind by replacing a negative thought pattern with a positive one.

8 ways to get rid of your money blocks

1)    Develop self-awareness

Becoming self-aware will help you recognize what your limiting beliefs are by learning how to pay attention to how you feel about money. You can do this by practicing mindful meditation. Mindfulness helps you focus on yourself by learning how to live in “the now”. With this meditation technique, you will learn to focus on thoughts and feelings to channel more positive thinking. It will help you discover and eliminate your money blocks over time.

2)    Positive money affirmations

Creating a routine to recite money affirmations is a powerful way to fast track the manifestation of your financial goals and get rid of your money blocks. This is a great way to reprogram your mind by repeating positive affirmations until your mind sees them as true. For each money block, write down a corresponding positive affirmation and recite until you believe it from within.

3)    Change your belief system

To change your belief system you need to be open and objective enough to admit that most of your beliefs are not true. For each limiting conception, you have to look for an example that proves it wrong. By focusing on positive examples, your goal will seem more achievable to you. For example if you believe you mismanage money, think of instances when you made smart decisions and tell yourself you are smart, therefore managing money cannot be too difficult for you.

4)    Visualize your money goal

Creating a visual representation of your money goals is a great way of keeping yourself motivated and shutting out your blocks. Visualize yourself having as much money as you need, think of how this makes you feel, and use this feeling to chase away any negative thoughts you may have. If you have a vision board attach to it an image that best represents wealth to you. It can be a stack of money, a beautiful car, a house, or a destination. This will help you channel the power of the Law of attraction and chase away the negative money beliefs.

5)    Let go of grudges

Instead of focusing on what others have that you don’t, channel your time and energy into figuring out the steps you need to take to make more money. Stop blaming the world and get into action. Let other’s success inspire you. See others as a representation of possibility to you and not competition. If X, Y, Z can have this beautiful car, then so can I.

6)    Practice gratitude

Gratitude is an essential tool to achieve financial success. Realizing you have been blessed with things that other people struggle to have helps you put the way you see things in life in perspective. Practicing gratefulness helps you to acknowledge each small win you make and keeps you motivated. Money blocks thrive on the feeling of lack and what you are aiming for is a mindset of abundance.  Remind yourself of the things you have achieved so far will fill you with a sense of abundance which in turn will attract more abundance into your life.

7)    Set SMART goals

As stated earlier, vague goals only contribute to creating money blocks. An effective way to solve this problem is by setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals. Know exactly what you want and define metrics to track your progress. Set out an action plan that is realistic and relevant to your goal and set deadlines to ensure your commitment to your plan.

8)    Forgive yourself

Finally, you need to let go of the guilt of having made mistakes when it comes to money. No need to beat yourself up about having mismanaged money or missed out on lucrative opportunities in the past. This will only generate a sense of unworthiness and incapability. Forgive yourself and stick to your commitment to developing a positive mindset that will eliminate all your money blocks.

Destroy all your money blocks in just 8 weeks!

If you feel like you put in so much effort but you hardly ever make as much money as you need and also like there are so many opportunities out there but for some reason, they pass you by or even if are you struggling to make money online and haven’t yet experienced that breakthrough you desperately need then you should go for a solution to clearing your money blocks like the one I’m going to recommend for you.


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  • Stop feeling guilty about wanting or having a lot of money.
  •  Learn how to stop and heal from self-sabotaging.
  • See rejection as a tool for your success rather than, an obstacle.
  • Overcome the fear of getting started on your dreams.

Bonus:  As a bonus, Tom and Ania included in this amazing product a guide on how to harness the power of VFT- Vibrational Frequency Tapping!! This technique aligns traditional Chinese acupuncture and modern psychology to unlock your success blocks. You will learn how to use EFT- Emotional Frequency Tapping, emotional acupuncture on different meridian points of the body to control your energy flow and help you manifest financial abundance.

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