The Secret that makes Marie Forleo so Amazing - LOVING WHAT YOU LIVE
Marie Forleo's bio, interviews, best quotes and lifetime achievements!
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Marie Forleo

The Secret that makes Marie Forleo so Amazing

Marie Forleo Bio

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is an American life coach and motivational speaker born on the 7th of December 1975. She lives in New York City and is best known as the author of two great books: Everything Is FigureOutAble and Make Every Man Want You:  How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!  and is the host of the renowned award-winning show Marie TV.

She also owns Marie Forleo International and B-School which is an 8-week video-based interactive program where she shows entrepreneurs how to make their business dreams a reality by teaching effective online marketing strategies.

She grew up in New Jersey and earned a degree in Business Finance being the valedictorian of her class. Her career started as a trading assistant in NYSE but she left to become a publisher in Gourmet and Mademoiselle and also took other jobs in magazine companies. She later waited on tables for 7 years while taking an online course on how to coach clients. By 2001, while giving dancing classes, fitness instruction and bartending, she got coaching clients, subscribers and newsletter followers through her interactions with the people she met and formed relationships with.

Her big break came in 2011 when Sir Richard Branson invited her to his Center for Entrepreneurship as a mentor in 2011, after which she launched her TV show and business school.

Her blog has over 190,000 readers in more than 191 countries. Inc named hers one of the fastest growing companies of 2014.

She is married to actor and acting coach Josh Pais.

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Marie Forleo on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

This 22-minute talk in front of Oprah’s Super soul huge audience was an illustration of how everything is figureoutable. Marie used the illustration of a well-needed vacation for her and her husband after 7 years of marriage without ever going on a real vacation together. Due to the conflict between her love for her work and her love for her husband her relationship had been suffering so she scheduled a trip to Barcelona for the two of them. But lo and behold, she took coaching calls up to the last minute, left for the airport and was stuck in traffic and almost didn’t make her flight. That is when she remembered the inspiration she had gotten from her mom who always told her and also always demonstrated that everything IS figureoutable. So she applied the philosophy and got on the plane. The story is so compelling and she narrates it with the light wit that is her typical style.

She goes on to explain how anybody who has ever moved a needle in our human experience also believed and applied this philosophy, like the Wright brothers.

Who might you become if you also believed that everything is figureoutable?

Marie Forleo

She points out that if you are someone on a quest to make an impact or have a better life you will one day be faced with an opportunity that seems above your abilities and that is when you need to change your perspective and have this mindset to figure it out.

Oprah says she is “a thought leader of the next generation” and Tim Ferris said she’s “one to watch”.

Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins

In this interview Tony Robbins explores how Marie, a Jersey girl, defied conventional wisdom and used hustle, humor and passion to create an extraordinary business and life.

He remarked that even though she is a successful woman, she still had her feminine feelings and was still very excited about life. She on the other hand tells of how he inspired her on how to turn her potential into results.

The interview runs through her 3 odysseys in different careers; first working for almost 10 months at the NYSE then to the magazine world (a dream job for most girls) and then to waiting tables. A small voice kept telling her she had to make a change or else something in her will die. But all the roadblocks made her feel like she was broken.

All the Best Marie Forleo Quotes


“Everything is figureoutable.”

marie forleo

“How would you behave if you knew you were the best in the world at what you do?”

marie forleo

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do”

marie forleo

“You’re always being led to your highest good, as long as you have the courage to listen”

Marie forleo

“What we say to ourselves in the privacy of our own minds, matters.”

marie forleo

“The secret to finding our passion, is to bring passion to everything that we do.”

marie forleo

“Starting small doesn’t mean thinking small.”

marie forleo

“You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going.”

marie forleo

“There has never been and never will be another you. You have a purpose – a very special gift that only you can bring to the world.” 

marie forleo

“Show up in every single moment like you’re meant to be there.”

marie forleo

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Quotes to help you reach your highest potential

“Fear is excitement with the brakes on. It’s just energy. Fear can be instructive and directive. It’s a guide that’ll show you exactly where you have to go.” – Marie Forleo

“When you know what’s important, it’s a lot easier to ignore what’s not.” – Marie Forleo

 “What we say to ourselves in the privacy of our own minds, matters. It drives our behavior, which drives our destiny, which shapes our world.” – Marie Forleo

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.” – Marie Forleo

“The measure of a great life is whether it matches your dream.” – Marie Forleo


“Clarity comes from action not thought.” – Marie Forleo

“True fulfillment in life doesn’t come from what we get, it comes from what we give.” – Marie Forleo

“A life change, spiritual change, physical change or some kind of creation your soul came here to express… Whatever your heart is craving, know that you can do it. You wouldn’t have the impulse if you didn’t already have the goods to make it happen.” – Marie Forleo

“The key to success is to start before you’re ready.” – Marie Forleo

“To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself.” – Marie Forleo

“Sensitivity is a sign of strength. It’s not about toughening up, it’s about smartening up.” – Marie Forleo

“Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of not trying in the first place.” – Marie Forleo

“Creative success means balancing your love of starting things with a habit of finishing them.” – Marie Forleo

“Not having the best situation, but seeing the best in your situation is the key to happiness.” – Marie Forleo

“Proactively bring passion to everything you touch, to everything you do. No matter what task is in front of you, bring as much enthusiasm and energy to it as you possibly can. Bring your full attention, your full presence, the Godlike quality that each of us has within, to every task in your day.” – Marie Forleo

“I have never, ever, EVER met anyone who’s regretted following their heart.” – Marie Forleo

Why I consider Marie Forleo a Role Model

I think she is courageous. Setting out to do her own thing which was so different from everything she had been trained to do and also starting out without even knowing what it was she was meant to do. This fact shows me that she actually lived the philosophy “everything is figureoutable”.

I’m attracted to the lives of people who are genuinely happy and are 100% themselves. The fact that she throws in all her energy into all her passions including dance makes it all kind of messy, unconventional and very relatable.

I just subscribed to her Youtube Channel in the course of my research for this blog post because her advice is fire and I’m so keeping her close.

I plan to learn from as much as possible from her and why not follow in her footsteps.

Thank you for reading. If you loved this blog post drop a name of someone you admire so I can do a similar expose’ on them. I have similar blog posts about great thought leaders in the menu item THOUGHT LEADERS. Be sure to check it out!

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