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Blog, Health, Self development, Wellness / 28.03.2021

How to Beat the Negative Self- talk Throughout your life you are the person you will spend most of your time talking to. We all have the inner voice that keeps us company, rings alarm bells when things are not right and motivates us when necessary. It is equally normal for this voice to sometimes send you negative thoughts about yourself. Especially when you experience failure. But if you spend most of your time having negative talks about yourself it can become dangerous. This excess negativity you have to...

Blog, Health / 27.03.2021

Fight Depression and Win Depression is a condition that can leave you both physically and mentally drained. Reasons why if you are battling with this guarding your mental help is very important. It is not always easy to muster the will to seek help but they are small and simple steps you can take to help you improve on your wellbeing. In this post you will find a collection of strategies which can help handle depression if you apply them on a daily basis. Because the hardest thing you struggle...