2 Years Update: How I built my personality from Scratch - LOVING WHAT YOU LIVE
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Set goals for a better personality

2 Years Update: How I built my personality from Scratch

Hello readers, I want to let you in on the secret of goal-setting, and how it has changed my life. My biggest ever challenge had always been having a weak and anxiety-ridden personality. From as long as I can remember I always felt this way.

When I was in my teens I felt it was probably due to my upbringing (which could very well be the case but I had some siblings who were more confident so I was confused). So I decided to be around confident kids by doing everything possible to get into a more expensive private school. But that still didn’t help. I always thought the solution was out there, maybe if I travel abroad, dress impeccably or hang out with the most popular kids I too will become confident.

The change only came about in my 30’s when I started goal-setting with a determination to see it work. Here’s an excerpt of my journal on my phone when I was starting out because I read a book that said I should write down my current level.

2018 journal entry

I regularly checked this entry but I also took it a step further to write down what I want my personality to look like. Here’s another journal entry I made soon after that. Note that at that time I had just the belief that what I read in books and watched in videos was going to work for me.

Journal entry early 2019

As you can see, I have checked almost everything on my goals list. And to be honest what I did was to look at it regularly and every thought, motivation or action plan I needed just got drawn to me. True you will need to put in some work but it will be so aligned that it will feel like how life ought to evolve.

Action plans that ensued from my goal-setting:

  • I joined Toastmasters
  • I started visualizing myself doing the things I couldn’t do
  • I took some time every evening to sit outside under the night sky and say affirmations to boost my self-esteem, talk to myself and I guess I meditated
  • I found books that addressed my social anxiety (Dr. Aziz Gazipura’s book; The Solution to Social Anxiety)
  • I pushed myself to try stepping out and failing
  • I talked to trusted people about my fears and hopes

So there you have a little piece of my journey. Share with someone it might help.

: )

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