10 Powerful Habits of a Highly Confident Woman - LOVING WHAT YOU LIVE
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Confident Woman

10 Powerful Habits of a Highly Confident Woman

Confident Woman

Self-confidence is one of the most attractive character traits a woman can have. I mean having the ability to trust yourself and instill respect whenever you step into a room is amazing. And it is attainable too! While with some people it is natural for others not so much. If you are struggling with your self-confidence the good news is you have the power to change all of that.

Confidence is something that can be learned. If you like the most confident people around you they share common traits. They are bold, convey a strong aura, speak with authority, seem happier and are successful. All these are traits that you too can develop if you want to. I bet when you think about confidence you have the image of a powerful woman you look up to or even visualize yourself how you wish you were. Well you can start manifesting this into your life by adopting the top 10 habits of a confident woman.

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Confident women know who they are and are not afraid to show it.  This is the basis of confidence. It’s all about knowing what you truly want in life and moving accordingly without anyone’s permission or sense of guilt. A confident woman is one who knows she is unique and isn’t afraid to show it regardless of what other people think. Forget about what is cool or trendy just be yourself and you will attract all the right things to you.


“If she knows who she is and what she wants, she knows how to get there.”

It’s easy to sit back a dream of success and having a grand life, ambition is important. But the confident woman knows more than anything what is important in achieving her dream is having a plan of action laid down. Your goal is just a dream written down on paper if you do not have a clear action plan to achieve it.  She knows the difference between being busy- working for long hours for little gain, and being productive- optimize your task on the most important tasks. It is by staying productive that you will achieve success. She is accountable and always has a backup plan when plan A fails.


Being confident ultimately means believing in yourself no matter what others have to say. One of the top reasons holding people back from achieving success is how much attention they pay to people’s opinions. People are always going to have something to say and the confident woman knows that. That is why she is not a people pleaser. The more confident you become the more you learn how to trust your instincts and just go for what it is you want.


When you are confident, you have no point to prove to anyone and neither do you have anything to gain by putting others down. Confident women work to uplift others because they know what it means to struggle will low self-esteem and self-doubt.

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.” -Tara Cordell

Honestly as women we all know what it means to be uncomfortable in one’s body and all forms of gender equality. Empowering other women comes as a second nature.


There is no point working yourself to death to be successful because it will only increase your stress levels and hurt your mental and physical health. A confident woman knows this, which is why she makes it a point to indulge in self-care activities. You won’t be able to take care of anyone or anything if you do not take care of yourself first. She knows when to ask for help if she’s in over her head and also when to rest and slow down. No matter what activity you choose, establish a self-care routine to help you recharge your batteries before you go back into work mode.


A lot of people always say yes to everything to please everyone because they are scared to hurt their feelings.  But the problem with functioning like this is that it is draining on all levels.  No can sometimes be perceived as a hurtful word but it is important to have boundaries.

As a confident woman you need to set those boundaries and not feel guilty about it. Your life is yours therefore your choices belong to you and no one should make you feel guilty for choosing to do only things that suit your lifestyle. When you dedicate all your time to others you barely think about yourself. A confident woman knows saying no to someone is actually saying yes to herself and this makes her happy.


The most confident and successful women in the world have a great capacity to listen and observe their surroundings. This is what makes people like Oprah Winfrey captivating when they talk. They speak value and say things that impact.  A confident woman doesn’t need to be heard all the time and knows when to let others express themselves. Learning how to keenly observe rather than jump into a conversation gives you time to think through what you have to say and arrange how to say it. It makes you appear more knowledgeable and commands respect.


Everybody has a fear of the unknown but what separates the millions of confident women out there is that they do not allow their fears to cripple them. It is normal to be scared of stepping out of your comfort zone. But being confident means you do it anyway. Because let’s face it, what do you have to lose if you try?  It’s either you succeed and move 2 steps ahead, or you fail which will take at least a step further than if you don’t try at all. Confident women do not see failure as a fatality, their turn failure into opportunities by learning from their mistakes and doing better.

 “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”- Joyce Meyer


The confident woman is very intentional about who and what they let in their lives to keep a healthy balance. Her choice of friends, places to visit and things she does is intentional and in alignment with her energy. She uses positive words to uplift herself and others.

Confidence and positivity work hand in glove. You want to stay away from toxic relationships and unhealthy situations to remain positive and maintain your sense of worth. When you choose to adopt a positive mindset it helps focus your mind on positive experiences more than negative ones. This helps attract more positivity in your life, which is the reason why confident women always appear happy.


Life is full of ups and downs and only people who have the courage to seize the bull by its horns succeed. Everyone at some point is faced with obstacles but where most people see reason to back down, a confident woman sees room to create opportunities for herself. Once you navigate through life by looking at solutions rather than problems, you will be able to unlock your potential.

Confident women occupy the spaces they want and deserve unapologetically with this mindset. Use your strengths to push through and reach the top of your field and let your mistakes or weaknesses be a means to learn and improve on yourself always. 

Confidence is a skill that we all keep growing in. No matter at what point of the scale you find yourself at right this moment, don’t be shy to put these tips to work and you’ll see yourself blossom into the woman of your dreams.

Sending you much love and light!

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