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Blog, Self development / 02.05.2021

Are there some things about yourself that you don't like and won't accept? Yes? Me too! We all come in a package, mixed with the good and the bad. The secret to being contented in life is to embrace all parts of yourself, and I'm still learning that. You see, I always hated my gummy smile. I have pink gums that are quite visible and protruding when I smile. Up until recently I used to hide this part of me away, refusing to accept it or even think about...

Blog / 25.04.2021

Hey lovely readers. Do you know sometimes the thing that keeps us from getting the freedom we crave could be a limiting belief you hold in your subconscious? It might be there and you don't really know the effect. What are limiting beliefs? A conviction about an idea that is not necessarily true. For me, I avoided growing up and getting regular income because I felt it will make me boring and tied to the 9-5. It seems irrational but it was there at the back of my...

Blog / 24.04.2021

Howdy lovely readers, hope you are doing great. Today I want to talk about big dreams, those big scary dreams you cringe at the thought of someone knowing them. If you are like me, then you also have such dreams. And it's okay to not tell anyone. But there is a fine balance for this. Some gurus say tell people your dreams so that it can serve as a declaration of your intention to the Universe and also make other people hold you accountable to them. But I don't...